Thursday, March 24, 2011


I am writing this in the lobby of the Grand Mecure Roxy while we wait for our hotel rooms to become available (sigh...). We arrived in Singapore at 5am on board an average Jet Star flight. Lisa and I had seats towards the back of the plane, which someone on a previous flight had been sick in and as a result our seats and the ones in front smelt gross! The couple in front of us moved before the flight took off and soon after takeoff, we did the same thing (the smell was unbearable to handle for four and a half hours!). This move was a great one as on the opposite aisle seat to me was a drunken guy making lots of noise. I managed to sleep most of the flight which was nice but uncomfortable and I woke up every 30 minutes with a sore neck. Thanks Lisa for letting me rest my legs on you!

I travelled over with Lisa, Mark, Dave, Teresa and Kate and Brian was on the same flight over as us. Today will be a bit of a struggle with time to kill this morning waiting for our room and the lack of sleep last night! The annoying bit is nothing opens until 10am, except McDonald’s which opens at 7.30....still an hour to kill. The joys of budget airline travel!

I am happy to report I am feeling great! In fact better than I ever have before a half ironman which is a really positive thought for me. After a relatively flat race in Albany 2 weeks ago I knew my body was ready to start the taper. I had a slightly longer taper then normal and I think this was due to the fact that this is my 3rd half ironman since December and I had no break after NZ. During my taper I had a couple of key session which I felt I really nailed, especially the running sessions. We did a 1km TT in the pool yesterday morning which was pretty good. I did 13.47 (1.23 min/100), which is right on the money for my predicted swim time on Sunday!

Just before we left for the airport last night I jumped onto my Tanita scales and had a look at how my body composition was tracking. I am lighter than I ever have been and my % of body fat it lower than ever!

More to come over the next few days!


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