Monday, October 31, 2011

I love training!

Happy to report another solid weekend of training is in the bank.

Friday was the long swim at Champion Lakes (as previously mentioned) and a 'recovery' run around Bibra Lake (6km) with Lisa and Helen.

Saturday was a long ride (surprise surprise). Unfortunately mum accidently took my phone instead of hers when she went out on Friday night and I did not get a message from Johan letting me know our usual ride was leaving earlier. So I tagged along with Lisa and Helen with a group that goes down the freeway.

It was a slow start to the ride, with my cable to the front derailleur coming loose leaving me in the small chain ring for a while (not ideal down the freeway). I managed to fix it thanks to Helen's allen key (thanks Helen!). After the turn around I did an effort but unfortunately got a flat....I bumped into Matty Burton on the way and rode with him for a while. Was great to chat to the 18-24 Ironman World Champion about his race in Hawaii amongst other things.

I ended up with just over 200km and felt very strong towards the end. My nutrition is now tried and tested and I am again feeling confident with my nutrition plan. I had a great run off the bike and I was supported my Lisa on her bike giving me water! Thanks Lisa :-)

A Saturday arvo swim and my body felt surprisingly good considering the punishment it had earlier in the day.

Sunday was a LONG run. 36km to be exact... the longest run of my program.  I started off nice and easy and built into the run. Again race nutrition was a key to the session and I feel like I am on the right track.  I bumped into Johan at about 21km and had a chat with him and once I gto going again, the legs felt a little heavy. At 30km I had a coke, which is what I will be using in the race and I felt amazing after that. Was a great feeling getting 36km under the belt!

Today was a recovery day with a sleep in and a massage in the arvo. My legs needed it!

5 weeks to go and I am loving every minute of training!

Friday, October 28, 2011

No news is good news

Well it has been a while since my last update... but i suppose no news is good news!

Training has been going to plan and I am feeling ready and confident for Ironman Western Australia.

The last week has given me a lot of confidence in my preparation with some great training sessions.  Last Saturday was a long day on the bike (200km) followed by a short run.  Sunday, a solid 32km run followed by 6km fartlek run in the evening, giving me a total of 38km for the day.

Today was a public holiday in Perth thanks to GHOGM and we had an open water swim at Champion Lakes. I had a great swim and I finally felt like I could swim again! Happy Days :-)

Another couple of big weeks in the program!

A big congratulations to Matty Burton on his win at the Ironman World Championship (18-24 age group) a couple of weeks ago. The way Matty prepared for this race was very inspiring and his win was well deserved!

Will try and keep my blog updated over the next few weeks.



Saturday, October 1, 2011

'Big Training Day' #1

I have just completed a huge day of training in preparation for Ironman Western Australia - which is now 9 short weeks away!

The focus on the day was to work on pacing and race nutrition. I chose to do it solo and stick to the flats on the bike to get used to being in the aero position for 5+ hours.

After a solid ride it was home for an hour to refuel and prepare for task 2, the long run.

Nutella & banana on toast to keep me going :)
Following the run, it was home again and off to the pool for a recovery swim.

A solid day in the bank. I'm ready for bed!

Day off tomorrow = sleep in!

Good night