Monday, October 31, 2011

I love training!

Happy to report another solid weekend of training is in the bank.

Friday was the long swim at Champion Lakes (as previously mentioned) and a 'recovery' run around Bibra Lake (6km) with Lisa and Helen.

Saturday was a long ride (surprise surprise). Unfortunately mum accidently took my phone instead of hers when she went out on Friday night and I did not get a message from Johan letting me know our usual ride was leaving earlier. So I tagged along with Lisa and Helen with a group that goes down the freeway.

It was a slow start to the ride, with my cable to the front derailleur coming loose leaving me in the small chain ring for a while (not ideal down the freeway). I managed to fix it thanks to Helen's allen key (thanks Helen!). After the turn around I did an effort but unfortunately got a flat....I bumped into Matty Burton on the way and rode with him for a while. Was great to chat to the 18-24 Ironman World Champion about his race in Hawaii amongst other things.

I ended up with just over 200km and felt very strong towards the end. My nutrition is now tried and tested and I am again feeling confident with my nutrition plan. I had a great run off the bike and I was supported my Lisa on her bike giving me water! Thanks Lisa :-)

A Saturday arvo swim and my body felt surprisingly good considering the punishment it had earlier in the day.

Sunday was a LONG run. 36km to be exact... the longest run of my program.  I started off nice and easy and built into the run. Again race nutrition was a key to the session and I feel like I am on the right track.  I bumped into Johan at about 21km and had a chat with him and once I gto going again, the legs felt a little heavy. At 30km I had a coke, which is what I will be using in the race and I felt amazing after that. Was a great feeling getting 36km under the belt!

Today was a recovery day with a sleep in and a massage in the arvo. My legs needed it!

5 weeks to go and I am loving every minute of training!

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