Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy times

It has been a very busy few weeks for me and I am looking forward to a little break over Easter. In exciting news, I am now a Certified Practising Valuer! I had my professional interview with the Australian Property Institute last week and found out on Tuesday I was successful. I am really pleased about this as it has been the result of 3 years at uni and 2 years work of work experience! Happy Days :-)

Training has also been going pretty well, however I have missed a few sessions over the last couple of weeks as I was preparing for my interview. Last Tuesday (the day before my interview) I went out for our my usual interval session with Johan and managed 10mins of the first 20min effort (in a set that had an hour of efforts). My mind was clearly distracted and not on the job so I sat up and we just rode an easy 60km.

It was such a relief to do the interview, but I had a few days to wait for the result which wasn't much fun. However everything worked out and I am now a very happy chap!

I did the Hillary's Triathlon on April 10th and had a solid race, in pretty tough windy conditions. I finished 7th in the open division, and 9th overall (same result as last time). I did a PB 5km run time in a race off the bike, by 3 seconds which I was happy with!

We had the XU1 Sports/CEEPO display which attracted some good attention. Be sure to come and visit us at the Busso 70.3 Retail Expo. We have been working hard to get everything organised and will have a good range of the 2011 CEEPO bikes, Leppin Sports Nutrition, XU1 hydration belts and bike boxes (on sale!) and AQUADIVA Swimwear. It was been a great learning experience getting this all organised and something I am looking forward to building on in the future!

I got the 2011 CEEPO Venom that I will be riding at Busso 70.3 in a few weeks and it looks AMAZING. I will take it out on its maiden voyage tomorrow morning! Expect a report to follow.
Looking forward to a solid training block for the next 10 days before starting to taper for my final race of the season!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Full steam ahead

I am back into full training after Singapore and I am already, as the pros say 'in the box'. My training from Monday to Friday was great. Johan, Helen, Scotty, Lisa and I made the decision to miss our Friday morning pool swim and head down to Coogee for an open water swim. It was a nice change for the week and we enjoyed a nice breakfast after (I had an AMAZING choc chip muffin!).

Breakfast after a nice open water swim at Coogee! Nice way to spend Friday morning.
On Friday afternoon Lisa's new bike, the CEEPO Vixen was just about ready to ride! We went to the bike shop and Stu fitted her up on it before putting the final touches on the bike.

Lisa was very excited to be getting a new bike before me....
My motivation seemed to change on Saturday morning as I missed my alarm! (first time in a ages) I still made the ride, just missed the start at raffles (thanks for the wake up msg Johan!). There were only 5 of us out riding and everyone seemed pretty tired and some what unmotivated, the wind wasn't much fun and I think everyone wanted to go home to bed! When everyone is feeling like that there isn't much hope of getting the 'mojo' back! So it was no surprise we were at the Brookton Hwy general store at 7.00am, 55km into our ride.....
We took a short cut to Brookton Hwy. Its always nice to go somewhere new!

The ride home along Roe Hwy was nice for as change....We had a rare tail wind!

We met up with Lisa on our way home. She loved her new ride!
When we got home I had clocked up just about 100km, more then enough given how flat I was feeling. Unfortunately I had no time to nap, instead Lisa and I had to go to Garden City Shopping Center.... Not my favourite place at the best of times, let alone Saturday lunch time! From there is was onto Coogee (a much happier place) for an easy 8km run before a swim. Spencer from Tri Oz Connect came down for the swim. It was nice to put a face to the name finally! Be sure to check out the site to stay up to date with whats happening in the triathlon world.

On Sunday it was time for the ATTA 80km State Championship TT at Wandi. I did this race last year and was looking to see how things would compare. Unfortunately, not so good! My ride was disappointing but I stuck it out and managed to get through! I finished in 2.11.49 (37.21 km/hr) for the 82km (slightly long). On a positive note my lap splits were relatively even which was good:
  1. 16.07
  2. 16.34
  3. 16.47
  4. 16.25
  5. 16.28
  6. 16.48
  7. 16.32
  8. 16.08
After the ride I sliped on my running shoes for a quick 6km run. I felt pretty strong on the run and ran at just over 4 min/km. It was then home to bed..... Before going to Coogee Beach for the 3rd day in a row! This time ins and outs were on the cards. Its only ever a short session but it always hurts and gets the heart rate up! We stayed for a BBQ and a relax at the beach after which was a great way to spend Sunday evening after a hard week of training!

On Sunday (10 April) I will be racing the Hillary's triathlon. XU1 Sports will have a display at the race with CEEPO bikes on show. Come and have a chat to us there!