Thursday, March 24, 2011

Singapore Day 1

We finally got into one of the three rooms we had booked at around 9.30. We used this time to set up our bikes, one of the downfalls of travelling to races! Both Mark and I use the XU1 Sport bike boxes and thankfully, our bikes came in one piece. Some of Mark’s training buddies were not so lucky, with a cracked frame and broken rear derailleur.

After some lunch and a nap we I went out for a quick spin on my bike. Everything was working nicely until I ran over a sharp little stone, putting a small hole in my front tire... It was only a slow leak so I rode back cautiously to the hotel. The next task was to find a bike shop. I was recommended to go to one on the other side of town, so Lisa, Kate and I jumped in a taxi and made the trip across town. We didn’t make it to the shop we intended to but the one we found was AMAZING. I have never seen so many top end bikes in one shop. The guys were very helpful and fitted the new tired on for me. Problem solved ($135 later....)!

The rest of the day was pretty low key. Mark and I went out for a 20 min run and we had an early dinner at the food hall across the street. We had an early night for a much needed sleep after out long night of travel.

Our hotel

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