Thursday, March 24, 2011

Singapore Day 2

The only training I had on the cards today was a swim. So we were up at 6.30 to head down to the swim course. We met up with Scotty and Caitlin who had just arrived at the hotel and were room less (like we were). Scotty came with us for a swim and we gave Caitlin our key card to get some sleep while she waited for her room.

The swim area/transition had changed from last year (Mark, our inside man had not realised this) and it was quite a bit further away than we expected. What we thought was a 15 min walk turned out to be 1 hour and 15 min walk! When we finally got to the start we jumped in and did swam just under 1km. The water was calm and warm with low visibility.

We caught a taxi back and made our way to the buffet breakfast... It was AWESOME!

Planned for the rest of the day was a trip to Universal Studios. We had a fun time going on some rides and seeing a few shows! Scotty and I had to leave early to get registration and the race briefing (and my legs were getting tired).

Race rego and the carbo dinner was at the SunTech convention centre, a taxi or bus ride away from the hotel. Rego was a straight forward affair (I’m race # 208) followed by a quick look at the small expo, briefing and the carbo dinner.

100 Plus is the official sports drink of the race

Caitlin and I with some dinner

Race briefing

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