Sunday, March 13, 2011

Coogee Jetty Swim 2011

This morning I competed in the Cockburn Gate Way Coogee Jetty Swim. I was a late entry into the race so I was put in the last (of 3) waves. This race presented itself as a good opportunity for me to work out my plan of attack in Singapore next weekend. It is a 1,500m jetty to jetty swim in very calm waters and today was a perfect day for a swimming race.

I estimated my swim time as 20mins and came out the water in 20.23 (just under 1.22/100m). I was happy with my swim however I think I took a line that was slightly to wide. It may have been a good move because a a did pass a lot of swimmers all on the inside of me. I pushed the 2nd 750m hard and felt really good.

It was a nice little morning splash before Lisa, Helen and myself went back to Johan's house for a 2nd breakfast, a movie then lunch at Missy Moos with Scotty. Nice relaxing Sunday!

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