Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tanita Scales

This season I have been lucky enough to get some support from Tanita which has been a huge help. I have just received a set of Tanita Body Composition Scales which I will be using to monitor my progress throughout the upcoming season.

Tanita is one of the series sponsors of the Anaconda Adventure Race and have been for the last few years. At each of the races they have been there getting people on the scales and giving them some feed back. At the Anaconda race in Augusta last year I was given an assessment. You will see below those results compared to my results from today (please note that I have been in Europe for the past 2 months and have been back 10 days!)

Weight 67.9kg / 70.5kg
Body Fat 5%/11%
Body Water 68.2%/ 63%
Visceral Fat 1/1
Bone Mass 3.2 kg / 3.1 kg
Muscle Mass 61.3 kg / 59.7 kg
Physique Rating 8 / 5
Metabolic Age 12 / 12
*The first figure is from pre Anaconda 2009/the next is from today!

The Tanita scale will become an important part of my training to help me keep a close eye on what my body is doing and hopefully get that fat level down a bit!

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