Monday, August 9, 2010

Anaconda Adventure Race

With the Anaconda Adventure Race now 13 Weeks away its time to get my fitness back. I have set out my build to the race and I am really excited to begin this afternoon with my first swim in 2 months!

I would like to thank Kevin from Tanita, one of the sponsors of the Anaconda Adventure Race series for organising my entry to the Augusta Race.

Last year I raced 2 of the races in the Series, finishing 12th in both of them. I am hoping for a top 10 finish this year at Augusta.

The logistics for the race have been organised and they are not the ideal situation. I have my cousins wedding on Saturday night so I will be leaving at around 10pm to Augusta. I have organised Mark to go down earlier on Saturday and set up my gear and tent, so I will be able to crawl into bed for a few hours before race start (thanks Mark!).

I will keep updating this blog with my progress in training.


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  1. That mark sounds like a great guy!! Good to see you blogging again chief! Can't wait to be updated, see you out on the track