Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 3 & 4

Wednesday began with an easy swim - the last one in the pool! That in itself was cause for a celebration :-) and again I was back to the office to cram in work before hitting the road = busso bound!

I arrived in the evening and met up with my roomies Johan, Helen and Lauren. Lisa will be added to the mix on Friday. I had a short 20min run to do with a few efforts in and the rest of the night was spent relaxing.

Thursday morning we woke up at a civilized hour and did a bit of prep work on the bikes (i love playing with my bike...).  We went down to the swim start and I met up with Nicole from Blueseventy who  helped fit my new wetsuit on properly - WOW what a difference that makes! I had a nice swim and felt good in the pretty average conditions.

A quick transition and out onto the bike for a 40min spin on the course. It was quite windy out there but it felt great to be out on the Busso course again.  I had an awesome ride on the 70.3 course earlier in the year and I feel very confident on this course! I rode my bike in race setup with Schnell wheels - looking forward to pushing the wheels on Sunday.

I also registered this morning - it's finally here!


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