Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Body Composition Update!

With the use of my Tanita Scale I have been able to track the changes in my body composition. Below are a couple readings, the first is from before the Anaconda Adventure Race in November 2010 and the second is from today.

Body Fat 9.1%/7%
Body Water 69.5%/66.6%
Visceral Fat 1/1
Bone Mass 3.1 kg/3.1kg
Muscle Mass 60.1 kg/60.1kg
Physique Rating 5/8
Metabolic Age 12/12
(bold figures are my current details)

My weight and body fat has dropped and my physique rating is now 'Thin & Muscular' :-) (is was 'Standard' before! haha).

The scales have been an important training tool over the past few months to monitor my weight loss in the hot and humid temperatures we have been experiencing. I weigh myself after all my long training sessions and take note of my weight difference to make sure I am re hydrating adequately during my recovery.

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