Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All systems go

I have been home for just over a week now and I am well and truly back into the swing of things. Training has been going great, logging some big km's on the bike last week.

Johan, Stu, Janine and myself went out on Thursday for a long ride, getting a solid 160km in the hills. An easier day on Friday, before smashing 180km out on Saturday morning with a run off the bike and an open water swim (more like splash in the water) in the arvo. A chicken pamy at La Porchetta was definitely on the cards after that followed by a visit to the movie cinema (haven't been there for a while!) with Lisa, Johan and Helen. Sunday was a 2 hour run before another movie session this time on the couch with the gang! (being Lisa, Johan and Helen haha)

I am really enjoying putting in some big sessions in and I think it will pay off later in the year as I am building up to the Ironman.

I was planning on racing the City of Perth race on the weekend, but its looking like I will give it a miss (final decision will be made tonight!).

I have been working hard on getting my reports together to submit to the Australian Property Institute, 2 down, 1 to go! Hopefully they will be finished soon.....

Not much else has been happening here. Australia day tomorrow, so no work. I think we have an open water swim on the agenda and maybe a BBQ lunch and a few beers in the arvo!!

Lisa and her family are all coming over to watch Mark and I race in Singapore, so that will be a nice break for everyone. Looking forward to going to Universal Studios!!

We have just under 8 weeks before the Singapore 70.3. There is a large contingent from WA heading over for the race so it should be good fun.

'Earn your Dream'...... I am!


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