Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Training camp day 1 & 2

After an awesome trip to New Zealand with Mark it was time to head to Melbourne to meet up with the LSDsports.com team for our training camp up in Falls Creek. 

I met up with Tony, Brad, Campbell and Terry and the other interstate athletes at the airport before starting the 4 hour drive up to Falls Creek. We had a quick lunch break (triathletes get grumpy when we are not fed!) and another photo stop when we were up in the alpine region.

The first session was a short run with some drills and core work taken by Campbell Maffet. 

We were then back at the lodge for some dinner and a movie. I crashed after a long day of travel!

The first full day of training involved a swim down down in Mount Beauty (about 30km down) in the 33m pool. We were then back in the minivan for the long, slow grind back to Falls Creek. We had a few hours down time so it was time to eat and have a nap before the afternoon sessions!

An hour run was scheduled following an awesome trail around the lake. We then did a 2 hour ride. My legs were starting to feel heavy (something to do with the half ironman on the weekend I think!). It was a great ride with some nice hills and at one point we were riding through clouds. You couldn't see 15m in front of you! It was a bit wet and cold on the return journey.

It was then time for some recovery so we drove unto the lake and put our legs in for 10mins. A well deserved hot shower was calling and spaghetti for dinner. Tony cooked up some pancakes. A nice way to end a solid day of training!

Doing it all again tomorrow. I'm living the dream!

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