Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 3

An earlier start this morning, leaving the lodge at 6.30 to head down to Mount Beauty for a swim set. We got 3.5km out. Tough set and everyone was feeling pretty tired by the end.

We had a food and coffee stop before heading back up to Falls Creek for a rest.

Campbell suggested I have the rest of the day off to get my legs feeling a little fresher for the run tomorrow and long ride on Friday. I was happy to do that! There was a bit of rain around in the arvo so I was happy to relax in the lodge.

The training camp has provided me with an awesome opportunity to learn from some of the best age group athletes and coaches to help me improve. I spent some time with Campbell discussing running and what I need to do to improve. I also watched the coverage of the 2010 Hawaii Ironman which is always very inspiring!

We had a seminar on training and racing with a power metre in the evening which was great. Seeing the data it produces and how it can be analyzed is amazing. I might have to save some $$ and invest in one!

A run is scheduled for the morning, followed by a open water swim.

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