Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anaconda Build Up

Check out the Rapid Ascent website. They have published an article about my goals for the Anaconda Adventure Race in a couple of weeks!

I am really excited for the season to start as I am getting bored of training and not having anything to show for the hard work I am putting in.

I had a paddle planned for today after work but the weather has been average today, so I will make up for that with a down wind (something I haven't done for a while) tomorrow afternoon. I have a day off tomorrow which it nice (first in a while), and I have a long run, ride and paddle scheduled.

Mark has invited my to join the Endurance Fitness Busselton Training Camp next weekend. It will be nice to head down to Busso and go over the course and get some solid training done.

It's hard to believe that Lisa and I have been back from Europe for nearly 3 months already. This year has gone way to quickly its scary! With the Anaconda training almost done and dusted for another year I am starting to get some planning done for the rest of the season (I am still 100% focused and committed to my training for Anaconda).

I am hoping to qualify for the World Long Course Champs next year (in the USA) and recently frond out it is the longer version, being 4/120/30. If I qualify it will be an awesome build up to see if my body can handle the work load and I will see if I can attempt an Ironman in 2012.

I am starting to work towards getting my Valuers License (I have to prepare 3 valuation reports) and have an interview. I am planning to get my reports submitted by the end of the year and get an interview as soon as possible after that. I am really looking forward to getting my license and deciding the direction I am going to head with my career.

It's happy times!! :)

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