Saturday, January 28, 2012

Europe update

Just a quick update from Europe! Lisa and I are currently on a 4 week holiday in Europe. Our trip began in Prague and has taken us to Vienna and Salzburg and we are currently en route to Zermatt. In a few days we will board the glacier express, which is a scenic train that will take us from Zermatt to St Moritz where we will snowboard for a week, before heading to London (via Paris).

We received some sad news at the beginning of our trip. A close friend passed away. Elliot and I met 13 years ago and we have been great mates ever since. We shared some special memories that will last a lifetime.

In triathlon related news I am making a few changes to my training structure this season. I will be working with Stu (Eclipse Fitness) on the overall structure of my season, however I am going to have more control of my weekly training schedule. I am really excited about this change and I can't wait to get started when I get back from Europe!

Training has been minimal since Busselton Ironman and I think that this will benefit me going forward. I always miss training and really look forward to getting back into it after an extended break. Yes I will come back unfit and slightly chubby (Europe does this to you...) but I will come back motivated. My goals for the season have been set and I have the plan in place to achieve these and make them a reality.

Another few weeks in Europe then back to reality once again!


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