Saturday, March 17, 2012

Busso training camp - day 1

I am currently down at Busselton with Team Break Your Limits for a short training camp! I was given the opportunity to attend the training camp and timing was perfect so I jumped on board.

We banked a solid 6 hours of training today, with a long ride (115km) this morning, an open water swim and a long run.

I am slowly starting to feel stronger on the bike and it was good to take the Ceepo Climax for a solid hit out down here. The road surface on the back streets of busso are rough and the bike was very comfortable all day. I am looking forward to 'taking it to max' at Busso 70.3 in 7 weeks!

I was in my new Orca Alpha wetsuit for our ocean swim and I was very surprised at how great my arm felt considering I have not been in a wetsuit for over 3 months! It was a rough swim, but it felt great to be out in the ocean again.

Next on my program was a sleep and a good one at that! The joys of being on camp - train, eat, sleep, repeat!

Time to rest!
We had a long run along the coast and the memories of Ironman came flooding back! I clocked up 19km and was very happy with my run.

Things are slowly coming together and I am getting my motivation back in a big way. Bring on Hawaii 70.3 in June!



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