Friday, September 10, 2010

Training Training Training

Not to much to report on over the last couple of weeks. I have been logging some good kms in the pool, on the bike and on foot. Paddling is coming along slowly, but steadily.

On Wednesday morning I went to did a swim analysis with Paul Newsome. It was a really valuable session that I have taken a lot of positives out of. Paul was generally happy with my stroke and has given me a few areas to work that will hopefully get me a little bit faster! Its so much easier to understand what you are doing wrong with a video of you swimming!

I am really happy with how my swimming is coming along. I think I now have the understanding (through my session with Paul) of how I can improve my stroke and I have now been with Stu for 2 season so we both have a pretty good understanding of what I am capable of and will work hard to make the most of my ability.

My cycling is coming along. We are riding with another group on Saturday mornings, who at the moment are all on fire. A lot of them are training for Hawaii (4 weeks away), so are in great shape. Its a bit of a struggle for me up the hills but I can feel some real improvement.

Running is also coming along. I am lacking speed but I am getting the kms into my legs which at this early point in the season is important. From next week I will start to get into some longer runs to build up for Anaconda and Canberra.

I have been doing some good sessions with Mark recently which are fun. As we train with different groups we don't often get the chance to.

Triathlon Australia has finally given some details on qualifying races for Long Course Worlds next year and Canberra and Busselton will be qualifying races to get me into the green and gold again.

Its about a month away from the Sorrento Challenge (swim, paddle, run) and then the next day is the State Duathlon Champs which I will do for a bit of fun (duathlons are not my specialty!).

Last week I received my race top with TANITA branding on the the Anaconda Adventure Race. Its a long sleeve compression top (white), so hopefully will provide some advantage with muscle fatigue, getting the wetsuit on after the run and also keep the sun off my arms and neck. It looks great. I will post some photos up soon.

Things are coming along really well. I will keep working hard to get myself in the best possible shape to achieve my goals.


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  1. Good to see you back bloging too.

    Bloging at more regular intervals would be appreciated however..

    Keep up the good work champ ;)