Friday, September 17, 2010

On Board with

I am pleased to announce that I am now a member of the Elite Age Group Triathlon Team for 2010/2011. The team has just been finalised and the team sponsors will be confirmed shortly. Thanks for Tony and Cam for giving me the chance to join the team. I am really excited about the season ahead and look forward to working with LSDsports to achieve my goals.

I'm just back from a paddle session. I am quite happy with how my paddling is coming along given we are still 6 weeks out from Anaconda.

I am planning a training camp down in Busselton in a few weeks time. It will be 2 and a half days based in Busso before heading down to Augusta on Sunday for the Anaconda Course Familiarisation Session.

Everything is coming along well in training. Its just business as usual getting my fitness back and my body is holding up really well. My swimming is really improving which I am excited about.

The weather in Perth is fantastic at the moment with temperatures in the mid 20s forecast for next week!


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