Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More of the same

I'm in the middle of a 3 week training block that will end next weekend with a couple of races, being the Sorrento Challenge on Saturday and the Champion Lakes Duathlon on Sunday.

Training has been going really well with the solid km's logged in all 3 disciplines and I am getting into the swing of paddling again! I did my first Wednesday night group paddle for about 9 months last week and it went surprisingly well! I will continue that over the next 5 weeks in the lead up to Anaconda.

I have started to do a few runs of the bike and from the couple I have already done, I am feeling strong off the bike. A good sign! I am slowly building the km's up in the running department and hopefully will be able to improve my run splits starting in Canberra!

Some exciting stuff happening with the team, with sponsors including K-Swiss and Trek. Hopefully I will have a few more details over the coming weeks.

The race season is just about to start with the first of my race entry fees paid for yesterday! I am off to Augusta on Friday to do a short training camp, with Sunday being the Anaconda Course Practise Day.

Lots of races happening over the next couple of weeks with the Gold Coast Half Ironman on Sunday (good luck Mark!) and the Ironman World Champs in Hawaii next weekend. Its very motivating seeing all the media coverage over in Hawaii, hopefully I will be there in a few years!

Hopefully the next few weeks will continue to progress the way things have been. Exciting times ahead :)



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  1. Thanks for the link mate!

    Good to read the training is coming along well :) don't get to fast though...i am a little worried to hear about how well this running is coming a long too...