Monday, November 28, 2011

Race week – Day 1

Finally… race week is here!

My journey to Ironman WA started 12 months ago, when entries opened and closed within 4 hours. This is the race I have been in awe of since I started competing in triathlon 5 years ago and to be only 6 days out from race day… let just say I am excited!

Over the next few days I will write a daily blog in the lead up to my Ironman debut.

Monday is a recovery day in my program and today has not been different.  The morning started with a swim set, which the ironman athletes in the squad had a modified version of.  The main set for me was 4x100 descending, followed by 6x100 max efforts with lots of recovery.  I am feeling great in the water (just in timeJ) and came in between 1.11 and 1.15 for my max efforts.  

It was then to the office to get out as much work as I can.  It is always a busy time being the end of the month at work and it doesn’t help having other things on my mind!

A massage was on the cards in the evening with Tony Bence.  I have been seeing Tony once a week for the past 7 weeks and it has really helped with getting me to race week feeling good!

I dropped my bike into the bike shop for the final race turn up - photos to come!

I started getting my race gear ready last night and with that came the first of the nerves…good nerves!



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