Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My first DNF

The Australia Day Triathlon in Perth is held at Point Walter and is a sprint distance race. I was really looking forward to this race was it was 12 days before geelong so was a good hit out to make sure everything is working and it a tough little course.

I had a good swim exiting in 5th position, and caught the competitor in front of me in the run up to transition. I had a quick transition and just got my feet into my shoes, and as i was going down the first down hill section my back wheel went flat so that was my day over :(

Not much I could do. I dont carry spares in a short race so made the walk back to transition and was keeping splits on the leaders. Scott Neyedli dominated all day and made the bike course look easy. We had close to a 3 min lead off the bike and extended that on the run. Karl Reindler had a great race finishing 3rd in the open category with a smoking bike/run combo.

I woke up this morning went to swiming, with the feeling we were going to have a time trial. I was right and after a warm up Stu got us going for the TT. I has a reasonable swim 11.27 for 800m which is my 2nd best time. My best is 11.09.

Most of our long training is done for Geelong so i will focus on my swiming over the next 10 days. I am hoping to swim around 26min there.

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