Monday, January 25, 2010

2 weeks

Well I have finally finished the last of of my hard training weeks. I was absolutely wrecked in the middle of last week. I had a tough interval run on Tuesday night followed by a long hard fin set in the pool on Wednesday morning which almost killed me. I had a 24km run scheduled for the evening. I got through 22km and called it quits. The next couple of days I was flat and very tired. So i had Friday evening totally off and went to see Avatar.

Saturday morning came and i was feeling great again. We road up to kalamunda and did a 13km loop 3 times. It was a tough little loop, but I rode well and felt really comfortable on the bike. Back home and I got just over 110km on the spedo and I was off on my 8km run off the bike. I felt strong and was able to hope a good pace.

I have one more long brick session on Sunday which should be my last big session before race day.

I am racing the Australia Day Sprint Triathlon tomorrow morning in the Open category. It is a tough little course and I am looking forward to it.

I picked up Ian's zipp 808's for the race tomorrow and I will also be using them for Geelong. They look awesome on my bike. I will write a race report tomorrow and post it up.


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