Wednesday, December 11, 2013

An update on my fresh start!

After a six month hiatus from triathlon, I am about to officially re-commence my triathlon journey!

My last blog entry was my race report from Ironman Cairns in June and since then I have done almost nothing! The last six months has given me a chance to take a step back from participating in the sport and allowed me to get my head back in the right place.

I now have a LONG road back to fitness and racing at a competitive level, however I am pumped to get started!

Ironman WA was on Sunday and as always, I went down to watch, however this time it was to watch my fiancĂ© Lisa race her first Ironman. Lisa has been the sole 'triathlete' in the family the past 6 months and her hard work paid off on Sunday as she finished in a time of 10.00.56, 1st in the 18-24 girls and broke the course record for her age group. Not a bad Ironman debut! She did not accept her Kona spot at IMWA as she already punched her ticket at Mandurah 70.3 a month earlier! Lisa's twin brother (my future brother in-law) Mark is also off to Kona (qualified at Mandurah) and finished 2nd at his Ironman debut in Busso! - the Luckin Twins are off to Hawaii...

It is always very motivating watching Ironman WA and this year was no exception, so much so that I have entered for next year!

So the come back is on with my goal being Ironman WA 2014. Along the way there will be Challenge Melbourne in February, Great Wall of China Marathon in May, possibly Sunshine Coast 70.3 in September, a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii in October to support Lisa and Mark, Mandurah 70.3 in November and finally IMWA in December.



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