Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Business as usual

Not much to report over the last two weeks... I'm training hard and loving every second of it.

Last week I had my first big run week and I recorded 80km in the training diary. This week I will pull the running back slightly before building it the following week.

I had a big day of training on Saturday, which consisted of 170km in the hills with a 20min run off the bike and a 3.5km swim set in the arvo. A total of about 7 hours training. I loved it. Looking forward to another 15 weeks of it!

My training for the last two weeks:

Week 2 (17 Weeks to go):
Swim - 9km
Ride - 220km
Run - 50km

Week 3 (16 Weeks to go):
Swim - 12km
Ride- 270km
Run - 80km

I had a bit of a rest day today with a massage and an easy swim. My body is feeling great now and I am looking forward to yet another big day in the saddle on Saturday followed by the City to Surf half on Sunday!

Tomorrow is the 100 day mark till Busso Ironman.

I will give a more detailed update this weekend!



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