Monday, July 11, 2011

Life in winter

The past couple of months have been busy and cold...

Stressfully busy.... thanks to my new job with LMW Hegeny. I am now a Licensed Property Valuer and started a new job a couple of months ago. It has been a bit of a shock to the system, as I now have responsibilities and dead lines.... I am feeling the pressure, something I am not used to.... but I am slowly starting to find a balance between work and everything else (there have been a few late nights and weekends getting my reports done, something I don't want to be doing come the start of my 'official' Ironman program)

I have a new road bike... A 2010 CEEPO Mamba. Its awesome! It's nice to have have a light road bike up in the hills and in group rides. I have been doing all my riding on it, with the exception of last Saturday where my Venom got it's first ride since Busso (I love my time trial bike). I also had my first ride on my Schnell training wheels - they look great on the bike and do everything I want a training wheel to do!

Johan, Doug and I did a road race up in Pickering Brook. It was a first for all of us and it was great fun. There was a 1 lap individual TT before the 5 lap road race. I didn't have a clue what to do so I just stayed towards the front and stayed with the group. There were lots of attacks but none of them lasted. I finished just behind the bunch, my legs didn't have any power for the final sprint. Looking forward to doing a few more of these over winter.

I am doing the Caffinated 24hr Advenutre Race this weekend. Johan and I have been called in to join Stu and Paul Jackson.  We had a short training session up at Kalamunda on Saturday night with a short mountain bike ride and run. Night mountain bike riding up in the hills is great fun, especially with my bright ayup lights!

I am off with the Luckin's for a cruise form Singapore in a couple of weeks, which signifies the end of my pre season training and the start of my first ironman training program. I am really excited to get into the ironman training! Over the past couple of months I have been pretty easy on my self, missing sessions when I didn't want to train and sleep in when I wanted... this is going to change when I get back from our break.

I am ready to get into the Ironman training. Feeling fit, motivated and looking forward to working towards achieving my goals.

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