Monday, March 29, 2010

Duathlon's......not my race

The Point Walter Triathlon was held yesterday and much to my disappointment, it was changed into a duathlon. Perth had a hectic hail storm on Monday last week, which has been labeled "The Great Storm of Perth". This has caused our river be become contaminated due to blocked storm water drains and the Health Department didn't allow swimming (fair enough).

We started the race with a short 3.5 km run to make up for the 1500m swim. I had a reasonable run, but was off the pace from the top runners. I had a quick transition and went about making up as many places a I could. I managed to get into 3rd place and was working with a few guys faded towards the end of the 40km bike which was disappointing. It is a tough course and I had some muscle fatigue from my Saturday hills ride. I was using a wheels set thanks to Ian Mansfield from XU1 Sports. I was lucky enough to ride a 808/1080 set which were awesome. Unfortunately this course is slightly hilly and the wheels were flexing when I was getting up out of my saddle and rubbing on the chain stay so I was taking it easy up them because I didn't want to scratch them.

Off the bike and I had another fast transition and started the 10km run. I eased my way into a good pace but at the 2.5km run turn I started to struggle. I shuffled my way through the remaining 7.5km crossing the line in just over 2 hours.

In summary, not a great race, probably my worst for the season but on a positive note, I had some good transition training.

We are now into the business end of training for the Busselton Half Ironman, only 5 weeks away. Eclipse Fitness is having a local training camp over the Easter break which will be great. On Easter Monday I will be racing the ATTA 80km Time Trial in Wandi, which will be a good hit out for the half to see where my cycling is at. The last race of the TriEvents series is on the 11th of April at Hillary's and I am really looking froward to wearing the leaders jersey and hopefully consolidating my position at the top for this series.

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